‘Freud shows how a trail goes cold, how paths diverge. Isn’t this what happens when secrecy trumps common sense? But she also demonstrates the power of women forging ahead, building families they choose, occasionally moving in the same direction as family they’ve been denied. These stories  should be told, listened to and remembered’  


New York Times

‘Heartbreaking … Shrewd yet tender, stirring as  

well as harrowing, it’s a tragic saga that nonetheless keeps the door ajar for redemption’


Daily mail

‘Such a powerful book … About shame and the evil men do,  but also about strength and the possibility of salvation in the  face of one of the great scandals of the last century’  


Richard Curtis

‘It’s wonderful, beautiful and so moving … Let me be the first (but not the last) to say I couldn’t love it more’


Sam Baker

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I Couldn't Love You More
by Esther Freud